Injustice anywhere is a threat
                  to justice everywhere.

          - Martin Luther King

It is with humility and respect that I announce I am a candidate for County Judge and seek your support.

Daytona Beach, FL – Assistant Attorney General Nora Hall today announced her candidacy for Volusia County Judge, Group Six. Hall, a 31-year resident of Volusia County has practiced law in Daytona Beach since 2012. She previously practiced as a Volusia County Public Defender in appeals, misdemeanor and felony trial divisions.

“My experience as both a prosecuting and a defense attorney affirms my long-held belief that our community deserves fair, reasoned and principled judges presiding over county court proceedings,” said Hall. “As a mother of two who entered law school after raising my children here in Volusia County, I believe I’m uniquely qualified to fulfill the role of county judge with compassion, common sense and deep respect for our laws as they were written.”

Having handled over 1700 cases in Volusia County courtrooms, Ms. Hall is a seasoned trial and appellate attorney who understands the real-world impacts that court rulings have on the lives of Volusia County residents and their families. Her experience has given her the ability to see and to understand both sides of a case, making her uniquely qualified to serve as a county judge.

Before entering the workforce, Ms. Hall was a full-time soccer and baseball mom to her two sons, Ben and Harrison Hall. Ms. Hall chaperoned the Daytona Beach Baseball team to Beijing, China in 1999. Ms. Hall taught Sunday School at Ormond Beach United Methodist Church, where she still attends today.

Throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s Ms. Hall became a successful campaign manager for local political campaigns. In 1997, she worked for Congressman John L. Mica, as District Representative in his Port Orange District Office. Ms. Hall served on the Halifax Health Board of Directors, the Serenity House Board of Directors and, she taught Social Science at DeLand Middle School. Ms. Hall currently serves on the Stewart Marchman Act Adolescent Advisory Committee and is a member of the Daytona Beach Rotary Club.

“For me, becoming an attorney was about maximizing my ability to make positive impacts in the lives of others and in our community,” Hall continued. “I believe my unique career path as well as my passion for this community and experience in the law give me a clear-cut advantage to serve the people of Volusia County as county judge in the people’s court.”

See you on the campaign trail.